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RTSA needs to man Kasangula Road

Dear editor,
KASANGULA Road users need the services of the Road Transport and Safety Agency. The RTSA head obviously knows about congestion on Kasangula Road, particularly the stretch between Chainama/ Kasangula and Chipata Clinic junctions because I have been calling their toll-free line for months now.
Every morning and evening, there is so much confusion that I wonder if there are people who are paid to maintain order on our roads. On the evening of Monday May 31, 2016, the situation was so bad that a woman was seen crying in her car. She was crying because some motorists were driving on the right hand side of the road thereby causing motor vehicles to interlock.
On many occasions I have called RTSA to request help and the feeble answer has been that RTSA is aware that there are some motorists who are openly breaking traffic rules by driving on the wrong side of the road.
Who is supposed to stop these disrespectful and disorderly people? Is it not RTSA in conjunction with traffic police?
When is the agency going to attend to our request to assign officers to control traffic on Kasangula Road?
At the Chipata Clinic junction, there is a man who is trying to do the work that RTSA and their friends in the other wing get paid to do. Law-abiding motorists commend the man’s efforts. No wonder some do appreciate him orally and even monetarily.
RTSA and traffic police have disappointed us. They should not hide behind inadequate staff because they randomly set up roadblocks on the same road and yet do not want to control traffic when the citizens ask them to do so.
Maybe there are benefits in roadblocks. Perhaps there are no benefits in controlling traffic.

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