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NGONI Impis in action.

Royal parade heralds Nc’wala

THE celebration of Nc’wala, a traditional that has been practiced by Ngonis for the past 520 years since 1500 AD, is a unifying factor for Zambians.
Zambians from all walks of life, including non-Ngonis, take part in their droves in celebrating Nc’wala, an annual traditional ceremony of the Ngonis, as show-goers, sponsors of the event and chiefs from other regions.
Nc’wala takes place tomorrow at Feni in Chipata, but preliminary activities leading to the ceremony started on Thursday.
On Thursday, the roar of Ngwenyama inkhosi yama nkosi, Chief Mpezeni IV, was sounded from his Ephendukeni Palace in Chipata City after being presented with newly-harvested crops by Chief Madzimwe.
This marked the beginning of the journey to Laweni, where Ngonis will converge this Saturday to celebrate the harvest of new crops and pay homage to their gods.
Chipata City came to a standstill on Thursday as the Mpezeni, David Jere, who is Chief Mpezeni IV left his Ephendukeni palace for Laweni palace in Kasenengwa with a colourful parade through the central business district.