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12-year-old Namara Lwansa

Children’s Corner with PANIC CHILUFYA
ROLE models have a powerful influence on children by creating positive habits that cannot be learned in the classroom.
Twelve-year-old Namara Lwansa discovered her love in poetry as a 10-year-old through her teacher of English, Mr Richard Mbuthia, who is her role model.
Other than being an avid writer, Namara, who is in Form One at Feza Girls’ Secondary School in Tanzania has a strong passion for performing arts, singing and dancing.
Her older sister Chanda and her parents, Akiza Kamuzora (mother) and Mulenga Lwansa (father) are very supportive.
“I am loud and outgoing. I love meeting new people. I have come to realise that a stranger is a potential friend. I always experience a sense of joy when I interact with people who are able to accept me for who I am; that is consider true friendship which I treasure deeply”, she says.

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