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Robust fish industry cheers Mufulira expert

MUFULIRA district fisheries officer Alpha Chilwana explains the different fish species that farmers in Mufulira breed in their fish ponds. Mufulira currently has 81 fish farmers who have set up 214 fish ponds. PICTURE: NKOMBO KACHEMBA

MUFULIRA district fisheries officer Alpha Chilwana is happy that the fish industry in the area is growing fast and it has created employment for local people.
Mr Chilwana said in an interview that many people in Mufulira are now engaged in fish farming.
Mufulira currently has 81 fish farmers who have established 214 fish ponds.
The farmers have engaged youths as fishpond caretakers.
“I was the first fisheries officer to be deployed to Mufulira by the government and when I came here, I started teaching people how to make fish ponds.  Today, we have 81 fish farmers and more people still want to engage in fish farming,” Mr Chilwana said.
He urged Mufulira residents to venture into fish farming because fish is profitable and the cheapest source of protein.
“You don’t need a lot of money to set up a fish pond yet there is a lot of profit involved,” Mr Chilwana said.
He also appealed to fish farmers in Mufulira to take advantage of the huge demand for fish in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Mr Chilwana, however, expressed concern  that some unscrupulous people are poisoning fish ponds with herbs and stealing dead fish.
poisonous herbs instantly kill the fish, which the thieves scoop with mosquito nets.
Mr Chilwana said the poisonous herbs also kill the fingerlings, which results in farmers incurring huge losses.

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