Roberto journeys east


AWARD-WINNING singer and songwriter Roberto says his forthcoming album to be released on April 30 is titled Journey To The East.
Roberto, who made the announcement on Saturday at an event he was calling the Big Reveal at Riders Lounge, says the album pays homage to the East African countries that he has been to.
“The last couple of years the support from East Africa has truly been incredible,” he says. “I have had the most shows in East Africa in my entire career. I have travelled to Tanzania, I think almost seven or eight times, Rwanda I’ve been there over five times, Uganda I think over four times, Kenya on six different occasions.
“So for me, it was really important to somehow pay homage to the supporting East Africa, it feels like home away from home, you cannot go anywhere without anyone not knowing Roberto. It’s like a household name in East Africa and so this is also to pay homage to everybody in East Africa and CLICK TO READ MORE

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