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Road projects beneficial to Zambians

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to disagree with those criticising government’s road construction and rehabilitation projects as political.
The criticism is misplaced and lacks merit.
Those trying to discredit the unprecedented infrastructure development projects especially in the roads sector are doing so for political mileage.
Just what’s wrong with us Zambians?
We praise other countries that have good road networks yet when our government begins developing the same in our own country we become unhappy and start condemning the projects as political.
I am confident that these new roads will have a true meaning five to 10 years from now, just the way we are now praising Dr Kenneth Kaunda for what he did for this country.
Surely after 50 years of independence we deserve better roads, and I am shocked that some people are opposed to this for their own reasons.
To government my message is please keep it up.