Letter to the Editor

Road carnage, matter of concern

Dear editor,
ROAD carnage is a serious matter of concern in that many lives are always at stake of being lost.
Looking at some of the accidents that have been happening on public highways, it is sad to note that some of these accidents are simply caused by obstructions, some of which have been there for a long time. These obstructions pose a threat to the lives of innocent passengers.
Relevant authorities should always ensure that no stationary vehicles are left along the roads for a long time because they are a major contributor to accidents that claim innocent lives. This was the case with the recent accident where a bus was trying to avoid a stationed truck when it went into another lane and collided with an oncoming vehicle.
It is so sad to always hear on the news that lives have been lost on our roads because of such reasons that could be avoided if serious action was taken.
Massive and constant sensitisation on road safety must continue being conducted in all parts of the country.
Concerned citizen

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