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Rita Mfwamba: Targeting world judo title

Rising Stars, Diana Mutakafimbo
THE Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC) has continued to develop youths with a passion for sport.
The centre, which offers a variety of sports activities, has empowered youths from communities with different sporting skills.
Many youths have taken advantage of the platform to develop their sporting potential, with some intending to make a living through sport.
Since 2010 when former International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge opened the centre, a lot of youths have discovered their sporting talent with most of them making a grade at national level.
One such athlete with a story to tell is 13-year- old Rita Mfwamba, a judoka identified from the Samsung Youth Challenge.
Rita was born on September 29, 2002 and comes from a family of seven.
She recently wrote her grade seven examinations at Matero North Primary School in Lusaka.
Rita wants to study law after completing secondary school.
Regardless of her love for judo, she attaches importance to education.
“I know a person can make a living through sport but primary focus should be on education. Education is a key to success in all spheres of life, whether one decides to become a full-time sports person or otherwise,” she says.
Rita is using her holiday to fine-tune judo skills.
“Right now, I am concentrating on judo as I wait for the results to come out. Judo has kept me active and away from negative vices. I have always wanted to be a lawyer. Once I finish school I will take it up as my career so that I can be the voice of youths in the country. Judo has never affected my studies and I am happy with that,” she says.
Rita started judo at tender age of eight.
She was one of the first athletes that utilised OYDC when it was opened in 2010 and immediately joined Ipong Judo Club that trains from the centre.
At the age of 10, Rita managed to win a gold medal during a National Junior Championship.
She is optimistic one day she will compete for a world female title.
“I know one day I will be on an international stage to compete for the world female championship because my skills are getting shaped every day,” she says.
She draws her inspiration from her mother, whom she describes as her role model.
Despite being a judoka, she spends time visiting friends, studying and doing house chores.
“I want to be my own person, a champion inspired by my hard work and I know I will get there some day,” she says.
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