‘Rise above politics to maintain peace’


ZAMBIANS must rise above politics and uphold the country’s values as a Christian nation, Minister of National Guidance and Religious

Affairs Godfridah Sumaili has said.
Reverend Sumaili says Saturday’s graveyard scuffle between United Party for National Development (UPND) and Patriotic Front (PF) cadres at the Leopards Hill Memorial Park is unfortunate and should not be tolerated
She said in an interview that the graveyard should be respected and not used as a battlefield as it is a place of rest for the departed.
“What happened at the graveyard is not ‘Ubuntu’. We should be brother’s keepers and always look out for one another as a Christian nation. We need to preserve the peace and tranquillity we have been enjoying,” she said.
Rev Sumaili said upholding the values of a Christian nation should not be a lip song but a way of life for all Zambians.
She said Zambians should continue to put God at the centre of their endeavours.
Rev Sumaili said her ministry will continue preaching love and unity in the nation and has called for concerted efforts from all stakeholders.
She said in line with the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation, Government will continue to encourage citizens to embrace Christian values such as love, integrity, honesty and respect at all times.
Rev Sumaili urged young people to invest their energy and time in productive activities that will enable them to positively contribute to national development.
And House of Chiefs chairperson Chief Ntambo urged political leaders to instil discipline in the cadres for Zambia to continue enjoying the peace that has prevailed since independence in 1964.
“We are a united country; let’s not allow politics to divide us. People cannot all belong to one political party in a democratic country. We need to respect each other,” he said.

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