Rigging out – Scott

ACTING President Guy Scott says he will not allow lawlessness such as rigging of elections under his watch, adding that the Patriotic Front (PF) can easily win the election in accordance with the law.
And Matero member of Parliament (MP) Miles Sampa has pledged to support PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu and dispelled assertions that he has left the PF to form his own party.
Dr Scott, Mr Lungu and Mr Sampa displayed a united front when they jointly presented festive gifts to widows and vulnerable children in Lusaka’s Matero yesterday.
Dr Scott said the PF will not abuse or steal any government resources.
He said the PF is meant to serve the vulnerable and poor and that he would leave the party if it ceased to do so.
Dr Scott said the PF is disciplined and it will fight to win the election in a clean manner because he does not want the party to be embarrassed.
He added that he will not tolerate any acts of violence and intimidation but that he wants to see an orderly election.
“We don’t want to be embarrassed that the president is from a nonsense party full of intimidation. We don’t want to see any violence; we don’t want to see any law-breaking. We want to see an orderly election and change because that is the only way,” Dr Scott said.
He said the PF should continue as if late President Sata was alive and finish the work he started until 2016 when new ideals can be put forth.
And Mr Sampa said he is determined to work with and support Mr Lungu not only in the January 20 election but also in the general elections next year.
He called for unity in the party, adding that there was a difference of opinion between him and Mr Lungu but that does not mean that he is leaving the party.
Mr Sampa said he and Mr Lungu have gone past that difference and are in constant talks, adding that the PF needs to unite and win the January 20 election.
And Mr Lungu has dispelled allegations that the PF wants to rig the elections, saying that the accusations are being perpetrated by the opposition who have seen the unity and reconciliation in the party.
He said the opposition was banking on the misunderstandings in the party to woo voters but have since realised that the PF is gaining ground and winning back the people’s confidence.
Mr Lungu said the PF fought to win elections when it was in opposition without rigging and that it would not start rigging now.
He assured the nation that he will not use any government resources for campaigns, adding that the PF is sourcing for funds to support the process so that the election can be clean.
“I will not abuse any government resources to campaign for the PF because the PF has the proof. As a party, we are looking for money to support the process so that we win clean elections,” Mr Lungu said.
He described Mr Sampa as a generous person who only wants to work for the people and that the two are working together to win the election and implement the PF ideals.
He declared his commitment to carrying on with late President Sata’s vision further, calling on Dr Scott to support him.
Mr Lungu reiterated that the reconciliation in the PF is real, dismissing assertions as being perpetrated by those who do not want unity in the ruling party.

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