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Richard Kazala fights expulsion


FORMER Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) vice-president Richard Kazala has appealed to the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) against his expulsion.
Kazala alleged that the FAZ council did not take into consideration a number of issues before arriving at a decision to remove him from office.
In a letter addressed to NSCZ general secretary obtained by the Sports Mail in Lusaka yesterday, Kazala alleged that the FAZ council erred when they did not implement article 28.1 (ii) by allowing him to be tried in person before the council.
The FAZ council expelled Kazala and former executive committee member Blackwell Siwale at last Saturday’s annual general meeting in Lusaka for gross misconduct.
FAZ president Andrew Kamanga suspended Kazala and Siwale last November for allegedly failing to account for K150,000 from gate-takings during the 2018 Russia World Cup qualifier between Zambia and Nigeria in Ndola.
Kazala said the council also erred by not challenging Kamanga to produce evidence if his suspension was done in consultation with the executive as required by asking him to produce minutes of the executive committee meeting at which the decision to suspend him was made prior to being charged as provided for in article 28.1 (ii).
Kazala further contended that the council erred by expelling him because the motion proposers and seconders are not 2016 eligible members of the March 19, 2016 annual general meeting who are eligible for admission in the 2017 FAZ AGM.
He alleged that former FAZ president Teddy Mulonga, football administrator Simataa Simataa, and former FAZ executive committee member Violet Bwalya who were all active contributors were not eligible for admission in the 2017 FAZ AGM.
Kazala also stated that the FAZ annual general meeting erred by not taking into account his FAZ council response which he emailed to the association deputy general secretary Lombe Mbalashi.
“The FAZ council erred by not asking the president for strict proof on all allegations. The FAZ council also erred by not asking the president why he wrote a letter of suspension to me contrary to article 28.1 (ii) of the FAZ constitution,” he submitted.
He stated that Kamanga erred by proceeding to deal with the matter knowing too well that the matter was being investigated by the NSCZ.
“I further request that the FAZ president be requested not to co-opt in my position until this matter is determined,” Kazala said.
And Siwale has accused FAZ of having subjected him to a sham procedure, saying he was tried in absentia at the annual general meeting, VICTOR KUMWENDA reports.
Siwale said in an interview in Chingola yesterday that Kamanga’s failure to release the letter shows the procedure was flawed and there was a breach of the constitution.
According to an exculpatory letter obtained by the Sports Mail dated February 3, 2017 addressed to Kamanga, Siwale denied all the six charges slapped on him.
Siwale wondered why the letter was not on the file when Mbalashi acknowledged receipt on the same date.
“There is no assertion at all in your letter aforesaid that I collected any money or on behalf of Football Association of Zambia. Pursuant to paragraph 3 of your letter aforesaid, you have acknowledged that I purportedly received K1,500,000 which was duly accounted to yourselves.
“It is not my responsibility to have collected more money than was given. I had no express or implied instruction from yourself to collect K1,650,000 and I, therefore, seek your elaboration of this allegation.
“The money that was purportedly collected from the authorities is the same amount that was paid to yourselves, granted that I did not personally collect this money myself or at all from the powers that be,” reads part of the letter.

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