Revolution of Abel Chungu’s Love

GOSPEL singer Abel Chungu.

AS A follow-up on his third album ‘Love Unleashed’, gospel singer Abel Chungu is releasing ‘Love Revolution’, which he will launch in a fortnight at the Government Complex in Lusaka.
The launch, which is being co-ordinated by ACM Events, will see the likes of Seya, James Sakala and Esther Chungu joining Abel on stage.
ACM Events director Angel Phiri says the launch is in collaboration with Kayula Childhood Cancer Foundation. This will see 60 percent of the proceeds going towards the fight against childhood cancer.
The Kayula Childhood Cancer Foundation is a non-governmental organisation with the aim of contributing “to the well-being of children with cancer and other life threatening blood disorders through non-clinical support services for patients, caregivers and strengthening of health systems”.
“This launch does not only focus on putting Abel Chungu’s album on the market, it is also a way to organise funds for the children suffering from cancer. People need to come to the event because they will save many lives,” Angel said.
Since his last album in 2015, Abel has been touring and creating ideas for the new album.
“I’ve been doing concerts, tours and creating new ideas,” he says. “When we’re trying to figure out the final songs, I had to pick from over 400 ideas and because of planning it well, some of the songs I did them like three years ago, but I had to redo them. It’s been a process but the recording aspect was three months, it’s been non-stop.”
The 20-track album with hits like ‘Ndekonka’, ‘Imbabula’ and ‘Ndakuyanda’, was produced at Radio Cafe with one song being produced by Jonathan Owuso, a Nigerian producer based in the United Kingdom. Abel features Ephraim, James Sakala and Jay Rox,
He says his intended purpose since 2008 was to only do three albums but he has been forced to go beyond as he has been inspired by the experiences of life.
“The intended purpose was to do three albums then end. That was my original plan from 2008 because it’s been 10 years in the making,” Abel says.
“So, what I do is more speaking, teaching based on these projects that I’ve done, maybe do discussions on the actual songs that I’ve done so that people can realise that music is not just something you press play and you get tired of it. There’s a message, there’s life stories and lessons that are all wrapped up.
“Being in an industry which doesn’t fully appreciate music in that context, we hope that we can bring that level of change.”
He says the album is very different from his previous ones as it is personalised and unpredictable.
Abel says he also did not expect that it would come out the way it has because it is a kind of album that has a lot to say which people would not expect a gospel artist to say.
Abel says it is also an international breakthrough and people will love it because it is also a definition of who he is, the kind of music he enjoys, and the things he wants to say.
He says the type of music on the album has no specific genre but it has hip-hop, worship, reggae and house.

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