Letter to the Editor

Revoke teachers recruitment

Dear editor,
I WRITE to appeal to the relevant teachers recruitment commission to revoke the just-announced placements of teachers on account of want, corruption and ambiguity.

There is no way a teacher still undergoing certificate upgrade can be recruited at the expense of the many applicants who actually have done well and are not even re-writing any subjects.
This shows that these recruitments were marred with corruption and candidates were actually picked before the recruitment started by those in the corridors of power.
No wonder passing marks in most Government schools have continued to dwindle year in year out.
What happens to those students who passed and have no-one in the corridors of power?
These are situations that have continued tarnishing the image of the government to be corrupt, yet it is the recruitment civil servants doing such works.
Can the relevant ministry take steps and stop this rot.
This could actually be going on in most government and quasi-government ministries, departments or/and organisations.

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