Letter to the Editor

Revamp livestock sector

Dear editor,
THE livestock industry must take centre stage if Zambia has to develop and improve its foreign currency inflows.
Copper has proved to be of less benefit for future economic stability, hence the need to tap into non-diminishing industries such as the livestock industry.
Botswana and Namibia are good examples of economies doing well due to beef and other livestock exports.
They have managed to open up markets in the Eurozone because of the well planned livestock management systems.
Zambia enjoys a wider advantage due to its location and can be Africa’s biggest producer.
The incoming minister of Agriculture should take serious measures to improve the sector by providing infrastructure which will help small-scale and commercial farmers grow the industry.
The minister must stop the current spread of livestock diseases which have ravaged the industry by stepping  up the construction of dip tanks and other preventive measures.

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