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Return for prison reform continuation

FREDRICK Chilukutu views his return to Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) as commissioner general a continuation of the reform agenda and other programmes he initiated prior to his retirement in 2015.
As deputy commissioner of the then Zambia Prisons Service (ZPS), Mr Chilukutu was part of the reform from prison service to ZCS.
“I was extremely passionate. I missed my job when I was away, I was cut off when I think my energy was flourishing,” he says.
Mr Chilukutu was a member of the committee which was tasked to transition the then ZPS to ZCS.
He served on the African Correctional Service Association (ACSA).

FROM left: Shaunga Chilukutu (fourth-born), Chintu Chilukutu (third-born daughter), Milimo Chilukutu (second-born son), Shakayuni Chilukutu (first-born son), wife Mrs Beenzu Moombe Chilukutu and Mr Chilukutu.

Launched in 2008 in Livingstone, ACSA brings together heads of correctional and prison services in Africa and strives to attain a paradigm shift in African correctional facilities from punitive to reformative human rights-based systems guided by democratic values and the rule of law.
Mr Chilukutu also represented Zambia in the Canada-based International Corrections and Prisons Association, whose mission is to contribute to public safety and healthier communities by encouraging and enabling best correctional practices in reformatories and outside communities.
This inevitably made Mr Chilukutu a globe-trotter as he and other like-minded people pushed the global agenda of reforming prisons.
In Zambia, Mr Chilukutu was at the helm of actualising the management of offenders through establishment of the parole board and became its first chairman.
“The Canadian parole system was our model. Most members and I went there for training in CLICK TO READ MORE