Retirement age only digit that never goes down


IT IS very certain that one day you will retire from your job or business because the only number in the world that does not go down is the age of a human being. A country’s inflation rate and banks’ interest rates may go up and down, but your age can only go up, entailing that there is an invisible goal which is patiently waiting for you called retirement.
The question I would like to throw to you is, have you started planning for your retirement? Or are you waiting for your employer to plan for you? What a miss.
There are two components of retirement income planning: personal planning and financial planning.
All too often, people entering retirement do not place enough emphasis on personal planning to ensure they maximise their opportunities. So take the time now – at an early stage in your planning process – to think about the choices you have about how you would like to spend your time during retirement.

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