Rethink nshima dependency

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu (right) interacts with Mwayansuka Primary School pupils in Chisamba yesterday. PICTURE: EDDIE MWANALEZA/ STATE HOUSE

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says it is time to take stock of the dependency on maize as a staple food and begin to look to alternatives.

The President says it is time to look at other foods, instead of wholly depending on maize as a food and business.
“For those of you who are doing maize, I think it is time we asked you to look at alternatives, because maize seems to be doing very fine in some parts of this country. Zambians should also learn that previously, they were living not only on maize, but cassava, and other cereals. Going by what we have experienced (drought), it is time we took stock, whether maize should be the ultimate crop for survival as a people,” President Lungu said.

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