Letter to the Editor

Restructuring in public universities good

Dear Sir,
ALLOW me space to comment on the current debate over restructuring going on in public universities, like Nkrumah University etc.
The argument on the other end is that lecturers there who have Masters’ degrees needed to lecture at a university.
May I say that, what the government is doing by restructuring those public universities needs to be commended. What should be a qualification to lecture in any university is not just a Masters’ degree but an appropriate Masters’ degree.
Imagine, if I have a Masters in Marine resources today and what relevance is this Masters in education to universities like Nkrumah, Chalimbana or Mukuba University.
I think, even as restructuring is going on in our universities, the issue of appropriate masters degree, appropriate doctorate should emerge.
And our people should be encouraged to study masters and doctorates, looking at the job market.
A Masters’ degree or doctorate can be obsolete papers if not well chosen to fit institutions and job market.
May I urge the Minister of General Education and Mulungushi Vice-Chancellor overseeing Nkrumah restructuring to look not only at Masters Degree but how appropriate are such Masters, Doctorates.
That is appropriateness of a masters, doctorate in relation to the courses taught in our institutions.

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