Restaurants slowly pushing

LUCY LUMBE, Livingstone
AT EXACTLY 12: 00 hours, the neatly placed custard yellow chairs and metallic tables at Flavours Pub and Grill, one of the busiest restaurants in the tourist capital, Livingstone, are unoccupied.
It is usually during this time of the day that people intending to buy a fresh, hot meal would come to the restaurant.
But since morning, the restaurant has had only two orders of pizza, which were both ordered as takeaways.
Restaurant manager Webster Chiluba says business has only improved by about 10 percent since President Edgar Lungu directed that they revert to their normal way of allowing patrons to dine at the restaurant.
Mr Chiluba, whose restaurant has asked 14 out of 34 employees to stay away due to reduced business activities propelled by the coronavirus storm, is hoping that business will continue improving, otherwise he may need to close the business until the COVID-19 pandemic is contained.
After over a month of ordering restaurants to provide takeaways and deliveries only, President Lungu decided to ease certain COVID-19 preventive measures by allowing some businesses such as cinemas, casinos and gymnasiums to reopen.
Furthermore, he allowed restaurants to revert to their normal operations on condition that they adhere to the prescribed health guidelines, regulations and certification.
Mr Chiluba says his business has improved after the presidential directive of May 8, 2020.
“When we were operating on takeaway and delivery basis, business was very slow because the orders were very few. At times we would go with less than seven orders in a day. But now that we have been allowed to CLICK TO READ MORE

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