Letter to the Editor

Response to ‘Zamtel must not take away our balances on *422#’

Dear editor,
WE wish to respond to a letter published in the Reader’s Forum in the Daily Mail edition of December 1, 2018 authored by Mr Timothy Kambilima of Luanshya under the heading “Zamtel must not take away our balances on *422#”.
From the onset, we wish to take this opportunity to clarify that Zamtel does not take away any benefits that are accrued to the customer. There is no policy to have any customer to forfeit any benefits accrued.
With specific regard to *422# tariff which has the All Networks and Chabeba offers, it should be noted that this is a tariff which is accumulative. However, when a customer is switching to another tariff such as Real Mahala on *335# the customer will then have to forfeit any of the *422# benefits they maybe have accrued simply because the customer is switching between two different tariffs.
What is key to note is that customers are free to buy as many packages as they would want within their preferred tariffs.
As a customer-centric organisation, Zamtel remains committed to providing the highest level of service quality as we move towards enhancing the digital transformation agenda.

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