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Resolving inner conflict – Part 6

YOU are not alone in this world. You do not live in isolation but in attachment with other people and creation in general. Although we have independent lives, the reality is that we are born and brought up in relationship. We are surrounded by people who care for us and look up to us regardless of our age.
In as much as life should not be a pre-occupation of trying to impress others, living as if you are alone is another extreme. In this co-existence, every major decision made does not only affect the decider alone but also other people and the rest of creation.
Some decisions have effects on people in the present and future.
Global warming and changes in weather patterns are clear indications that decisions have a bearing on the future generations.
In resolution of inner personal conflict, it is important to set aside selfishness with consideration that decisions have the capacity to affect many others in this or coming generations.
In resolution of personal inner conflict, it may be tempting to make decisions that focus on self while neglecting other people’s God-give rights and potential.
All forms of abuses and some of atrocities have been committed as a way of resolving inner personal conflicts. Selfish decisions have victimised other innocent people. Remember that resolving inner conflict in a selfish way may create a bigger crisis than the one you were trying to resolve.
Good decisions take others into consideration. Though people may misunderstand it at its initial stage, good decisions ultimately benefit the decider and people. Former late South African President Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for his firm decision to end apartheid. His decision was misunderstood by those who imprisoned him. With his imprisonment, Mandela, ultimately, liberated and inspired many people the world over.
Leviticus 19:18 says: “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your own people but love your neighbour as yourself. I am the Lord. The quotation indicates that let every decision be influenced by love other than desire to revenge and bearing a grudge. Love embraces while grudge repels.
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