Letter to the Editor

Resolve impasse at KITE College

Dear editor,
THE core aim of any business entity is profit maximisation.
As President Edgar Lungu alluded, there must be a win-win situation between the business owners and the employees.
It is also argued that employers have the right to hire and fire, and at the same time employees have the right to better wages and other conditions of service.
However, that lecturers at KITE – a private teacher training college in Kitwe have gone for six months without salaries made sad reading.
This is attributed to lack or absence of effective trade unions at such places of work.
This is just a tip of the iceberg, many more private schools and colleges as well as universities are in similar situations.
Many employees are subjected to working with low salaries and poor conditions of service simply because they have no voice in the name of a trade union. The lecturers at KITE claim they have not been paid their dues for six months now and that they have been fired verbally, however they continue reporting for work. Management on the other hand claims the workers are on a go slow. Whatever the case, it is evident that there is a standoff between employees and employers at KITE!
In view of the above, NUPPEZ should therefore step and help mobilise resources to resolve the impasse at this college.
Whether those lecturers are your members or not, the duty lies on your shoulders as your name suggests. There is no way in this time and era that management can fire professionals verbally as if they are cattle herders at a small village.
If management is fed up with the lecturers let them put it in writing and pay them their dues. Even the Holy Bible attests this in James 5:4: ”You have not paid wages to those who work for you. Listen to their complaints. The cries of those who gather your crops have reached GOD” Similarly Deuteronomy 24:15 reads “pay your workers their wages each day before sunset before their sweat runs dry, for they are poor and have set their hands on it, lest they cry out against you to the LORD, and it shall be a sin to you”. The onus is now on NUPPEZ and Ministry of Labour to visit the college.
Labour inspectors should not only concentrate on some foreign-run firms, even some Zambians are exploiting fellow citizens.

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