Residents rescue babies, arrest mother

ANGRY residents of Lusaka’s Mtendere Township yesterday united for a just cause of effecting a citizen’s arrest of an absentee mother whom they handed over to the police for ill-treating her toddler children.
Police have since arrested the 23-year-old woman for cruelty to her two children who she has allegedly been abandoning in the night.
Sheila Musonda of Section C Mtendere, was reported to police by neighbours for locking up her one-year-old and one-month-old children in the house at night while she allegedly goes to patronise bars.
Police Service deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed the incident in an interview yesterday.
Mr Hamoonga said Ms Musonda’s neighbours broke into her house when they heard the children crying unceasingly.
“Neighbours of this woman said they have been ignoring her for some time, but today (yesterday), around 05:00 hours, they broke into the house when they heard children crying out loud. They got the children and dropped them at Mtendere police station,” he said.
Mr Hamoonga said concerned neighbours met Sheila on their way back from the police station, and they dragged her to the station where she is currently detained.
Mr Hamoonga said the children are in police custody and they are trying to find a safe home for them.
He said Musonda is likely to be charged with cruelty to juveniles.
If found guilty by the courts of law, Musonda may be fined or sentenced to a maximum of two years imprisonment or face both sentences.

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