Letter to the Editor

Rescinding Zesco tariff proposed increment commendable

Dear editor,
MAY I comment on the announcement by the Minister of Energy that the proposed tariff increase by Zesco has been put on hold.
This is the right decision because I think it is not right for Zesco management to just wake up and propose increases as if the managers are not living in this country, where many citizens are toiling to make ends meet for basic requirements such as food and shelter.
The proposal to pass the expenses to electricity consumers who are already overburdened was not a good one. The minister should go further and ensure that, first of all, the electricity company removes waste from its operations so as to improve on its efficiency.
Zesco needs to do a lot of internal adjustments by cutting down unnecessary expenses such as excessive electricity units being given to employees almost free of charge.
They may have adjusted the quantity of units, but they can still do better. Let them also look at the usage of company vehicles and other administrative loopholes and waste.
We are tired of paying for their inefficiencies. We no longer have money to continue subsidising their inefficiencies.
I am sure if they are serious to take some of these measures, they will make profits that they desire.
Concerned electricity consumer

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