Repair Ndola-Mufulira road, State urged

MUFULIRA residents have complained about the poor state of the Ndola-Mufulira road and have urged Government to quickly find a contractor to work on the road.
And Mufulira district commissioner Chanda Kabwe says the Road Development Agency (RDA) is in the process of signing a contract with the consultant and works are likely to commence soon.
Speaking on behalf of the residents, Kondwani Luhanga said Mufulira residents felt left out of the on-going road construction works across the country because the Mufulira-Ndola road has been in a bad state for a long time.
“That road has been in bad shape for some time and now it has worsened. Our worry as residents is that the road should be worked on as soon as possible because we are now approaching the rainy season,” Mr Luhanga said.
He said it did not make economic sense for Mufulira residents travelling to Ndola to first go to Kitwe and then proceed to Ndola when there was a shorter route.
And Mr Kabwe said the residents’ concerns were genuine and Government was working hard to ensure that works on the road begin.
“We had a small challenge in procurement. RDA procured a contractor but what remained was to find a consultant to supervise the contractor. consultants ensure that contractors adhere to the work specifications,” Mr Kabwe said.
He said the search for a consultant delayed commencement of the road works, adding that the contract will  soon be signed.
However, Mr Kabwe said the district and the  province had secured equipment to grade the road and make it passable in the interim.
“Government is aware of the economic importance of that road because we know that farmers use it. inputs have to be delivered using that road, ambulances should start serving that area and residents need a shorter route to get to Ndola,” Mr Kabwe said.
He appealed to residents to remain calm as that the road would be worked on soon.

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