Letter to the Editor

Repair Chongwe roads first

Dear editor,
A NAME is an important tool as it identifies who we are and in some cases where we come from. In the Zambian context, surnames usually tell us the province we come from and, in some cases, our tribe.
For instance, Hamududu will be associated with Tonga and Southern Province whereas Banda and Mulenga would be associated with Eastern and Northern provinces, respectively.
It is from this background that I write to salute the Chongwe District Council for embarking on a street-naming exercise in the township. This will make life easy for service providers such as the police, fire brigade and or ambulances to easily locate the area once given street names.
I wish the council could go a step further by ensuring that property owners in the area display the plot numbers as most houses do not have house numbers.
However, that said, there is nothing much to write home about the named roads as most, if not, all the streets are dilapidated to an extent that they have ponds instead of potholes, making driving extremely difficult.
The council must embark on raising the roads by adding more gravel and creating drainages which will allow free flow of water unlike the current scenario were streams freely cut the roads at will. Naming the roads is good but repairing them is the best.

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