Registrar of Societies opens probe in DF ownership

MINISTRY of Home Affairs spokesperson Moses Suwali says the Registrar of Societies has instituted investigations to establish the legitimate owner of the Democratic Front (DF).
Mr Suwali said in an interview yesterday that the Registrar of Societies has invited Matero Member of Parliament (MP) Miles Sampa and Lusaka-based lawyer David Chanda, who are both claiming ownership of the DF, to help with the ongoing investigations.
This follows complaints by Mr Chanda, who claims to be the founder of DF, which Mr Sampa launched in Kitwe last weekend.
“The Registrar of Societies has started investigating the case and we will be able to establish who owns the Democratic Front party. Officers are already on the ground investigating the matter,” Mr Suwali said.
Mr Suwali also said Minister of Home Affairs Davies Mwila will issue a comprehensive statement regarding the status and ownership of the DF.
On Monday, Mr Sampa’s special assistant Ngolwe Sakala said Mr Chanda was politicking because he resigned his position on December 19, 2014 and that he ceased to be a DF member.
“He is just playing politics, for us this is not an issue because we have all the documents from the Registrar of Societies with stamps that are authentic,” she said.
An extract of minutes said to be of an executive meeting held to transfer power to Mr Sampa posted online reads: “This meeting is held to discuss the change of name of Genuine People’s Platform and some office-bearers because of the new face the party will have.”
According to the said minutes, the meeting resolved that Mr Sampa is replacing the president while the secretary general was replaced by Bridget Atanga and Lusaka lawyer Anthony Kasolo replaces the vice-secretary.
But Mr Chanda in an interview said at no time did he relinquish his position as DF interim president and replaced by Mr Sampa.

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