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Refuse to live up to other people’s expectations

Life & Life Issues with EMMANUEL MUKULA
WHEN you choose a certain path in life to follow your dream, I am sure you would expect support and encouragement from people you consider close to you but, sometimes, you will be rejected, criticised, or worse, laughed at.
It can be hard to swallow all the “noise” around you. Some of the things you will hear from friends and family will be so discouraging and hurtful, but do not give up.
I believe it all boils down to learning how to not care so much about what others think and also, conversely, understanding what goes on in their minds. A lot of people go through life not doing what they love.
They end up constantly looking back, asking themselves, “What if? “Whether people support you or not, do you really want to look back in regret one day down the line? Do you know what could have happened if you tried to do what you really wanted to do?
Follow your heart and not the words of others.
Life is short and it will be easier to stick to your own convictions when other people disagree with your choices or put you down. People who don’t support you and discourage you may not actually be bad people who intentionally want to destroy your dreams. Sometimes, they just don’t understand why you do what you do, so they voice out their concerns, which may make them seem dissenting.
Try not to take it to heart when people discourage you. Sometimes when people don’t support what you’re doing, it may be more about them than you.
It could be plain ignorance or even jealousy, but some people tend to attack things that are new to them.
Don’t let objections from others become your truth that limit you from creating what you want in life.
It’s natural to want support and encouragement from the people around you, but it is possible to do what you want to do without it.
Just think of how many successful, inspiring people took the road less travelled. You’re a very powerful being, just by yourself. Believe in that, don’t give up and you’ll go a long way.
In an ideal world, we could constantly surround ourselves with positivity. We can’t do that, but we can work on ourselves so that we stay committed and positive. Don’t be surrounded by naysayers .Follow your dream and live the life you want.
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