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Reeves wanted to cut my head off, hears court


LUSAKA woman Tshiabu Benos, who is charged with murdering her boyfriend Revees Malambo, has accused her late boyfriend of wanting to decapitate her.
She says on January 29, 2017, Mr Malambo locked her up in the bedroom, where he attempted to

decapitate her using a knife which he got from the pantry.
Benos said it was during that struggle for her life that Mr Malambo got injured and subsequently died at the hospital where he was rushed for treatment.
In her preliminary inquiry application submitted in the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court yesterday, Benos said on the material day, Mr Malambo had made several phone calls and sent her messages threatening to kill and decapitate her.
She said after being arrested, as per procedure, the arresting officer confiscated her Samsung phone as part of the evidence to be used in court.
Benos said she was, however, informed that the said phone had been given to the deceased’s daughter, Nkombo.
She said when the phone was released, everything on it was deleted, an act which may be prejudicial to her defence as part of her evidence.
Benos also said the house, being the scene of the crime while under police guard, was broken into and a lot of material evidence was destroyed.
She has asked the court to determine whether there is evidence to suggest that there was any aforethought or other motive to kill the Autoforce owner.
Benos further wants the court to cross-examine Nkombo on how she got the phone without the court’s permission.
“I want my 12-year-old daughter, who saw me when I arrived at home on the material night, and Miriam Mugala, the woman who sells kitchen utensils, to explain about the utensils which were in my pantry. I also ask the court to cross-examine my maid and my neighbour,” she said.
Benos further wants the court to cross-examine the doctor and the receptionist who attended to Mr Malambo at the hospital.
“I have on several occasions appeared before court for mention awaiting committal of the matter to the High Court. The instructions have not been forthcoming and I am concerned that justice may be defeated,” she said.


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