Rediscovering North-West

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu admires fish harvested at one of the ponds at Chief Kanyama's aquaculture farm in Mwinilunga, North-Western Province.

NORTH-WESTERN Province is slowly becoming Zambia’s viable economic hub due to a number of activities taking place there such as the discovery of gold, copper mining, agro-processing and tourism, among several.
The region has since time immemorial been well known for pineapple production, beekeeping, livestock and fish farming in all its 11 districts.
Each district in North-Western Province has its own special natural resource that is contributing to the country’s transformation agenda as enshrined in the Seventh National Development Plan (SNDP), which focuses on the use of the integrated multi-sectoral development approach of considering the comparative and competitive advantages of the regions in allocation of resources towards development.
Government has identified chiefs as key players in driving this transformation agenda and it is ready to partner with them in fostering development in the country.
President Edgar Lungu was in North-Western Province last week for a three-day series of engagements mainly with chiefs from five out of the 11 districts in the province, namely Chavuma, Ikeleng’i, Kabompo, Kasempa and Mwinilunga.
President Lungu met chiefs Kanongesha (senior), Ntambo, Chibwika, Sailunga (senior) and Ntambo in Mwinilunga district, which brags of immense potential in agriculture and aquaculture, and is host to the newly established US$4million multi-fruit processing plant expected to create over 100 permanent jobs and 8,000 indirect jobs.
Chief Ntambo, who represented other Lunda chiefs, thanked President Lungu for the various developments taking place in the country, and pledged traditional leaders’ resolve to work with Government in ensuring that development is brought to the area for the benefit of the people.
“We chiefs in this district are happy with what you are doing. You’ve brought development in all parts of the country. This is why here we pledge to work [with] and CLICK TO READ MORE

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