Letter to the Editor

Real estate development has impact on environment

Dear editor,
CHOLERA! Cholera! Though it is an agreed notion that environmental issues, sanitation and water supply have an effect on real values, we tend to forget that real estate development has a major impact on the environment, on sanitation and proper water supply.

A building developed in one area affects the movement of rain water. Additionally, a new area of houses changes many dimensions of sanitation, water supply, drainage and traffic (human and motor).
Zambia has been faced with a lot of ‘haphazard’ developments with no proper planning (though some might be legal) for sanitation and environmental issues.
Whatever is done on a piece of land somewhere has a major impact on drainage and also the increase of movement of people in that area has an impact on the environmental and health issues in another area.
Solutions! Solutions! Yes, what Zambia needs is proper planning. We need to implement holistic approaches to how developments are done, each piece of land has to be planned in relation to other pieces in terms of water supply, sanitation and many environmental issues, including human and motor traffic. With the use of modern GIS softwares, various departments in Government and other stakeholders can come up with a plan of making Lusaka and other cities not just clean but “smart cities”.
Fairworld Properties CEO
Chartered Valuation Surveyor

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