Ready to balance


AFTER releasing his new album titled “Muntu Wabantu”, which is the first volume on his second solo album, Leo Muntu says is now ready to release the second volume which he has titled “The balance”.

The album release has been set for the end of this month where he will also launch volume one. He released his second solo album in July but he had a lot of songs and could only release volume one.
The plan was to pick the music which he did not include in volume one and come up with an album, but instead, he has had to record new music. He says he is trying to promote new talent, which is why he decided to work only with upcoming artistes and producers.
“I’m promoting new artistes and new producers, so, on this one, I haven’t worked with old producers, they are all new producers. Even those featuring, it’s the young talent,” he says.
“Most of the songs on this album, I recorded them after I released volume one because I promised to work with the young talent. I have a lot of songs but I thought that I should also help promote the young ones.”
He says volume two is different from volume one because the music is strictly hip hop as compared to the latter, which was a mixture of different genres.
“This album is different from volume one because it has only hip hop on it. Volume one had a mixture of hip hop, romance, club music and others. Anyone could listen to it but this one is only hip hop,” he explains.
Leo, who performed alongside Mwembe Muntu at the Kwacha Music Awards last Saturday at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, says volume two will have less songs compared to volume one which had 18 tracks.
He named some of the artistes he has worked with as Black Chili Pepa and Blackah Dido.
He said he is supposed to start shooting videos for the songs very soon.
“I want to be doing street shoots, an abrupt way of doing videos whereby I just say ‘ok, today we are shooting’ and we get the footage and some youngsters and we start,” he says.
“There is enough talent in the ghetto, we don’t usually go there and we’re denying our youngsters the chance to watch people who inspire them and to feel attached to us.
“So this album will be a bridge, they should feel part of us and we are part of them”.

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