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Reading is key to progress

This week my guest writer is MALUNGA CHITALU who cultivated a culture of reading at an early age. He has advice for his peers.
I HAVE always had a passion for reading and writing ever since I was born on September 27, 2001 in Lundazi, Eastern Province. I enjoy answering Zambia Daily Mail crossword puzzles with anyone interested and most times I beat them. This desire, coupled with my upbringing has helped me to understand things, slightly better than my peers.
I did my primary at Trinity and Twinkle schools in Chipata and Lusaka respectively before going to my current school.  I’m happy to be in my first year, doing Grade 8 at Siavonga Boarding School, headed by Mr Burton Shandele.
My favourite subject is computer studies because I like technology. I hope to bring my own concepts in such a field. One day my dad took me to a Bongohive Technology meeting to meet founder Lukonga Lindunda. I was quite impressed with their activities, although they need to find ways of meeting the needs of pupils like myself, who spend most of our time in schools.
My favourite person at school is our Chinese teacher Mr Wang. I enjoy learning new languages and understanding other people’s culture. I hope to join my elder brother Mwenzo in China who is studying medicine, once I complete school.
My desire is to become a graphic designer, animator or a founder of a flawless operating system. I love technology and all its devices like computers, play stations and phones. My desire is to create my own games and animated movies.
Late Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are the two people who inspire me most because of their technological works. At one stage, I would love to contribute to technological advancement of our country, with or without a degree.
In life no matter what people, friends, parents and teachers think about what you should be, please follow your mindset and passion. It is not about money but a strong desire to achieve your set goals. Our Father in heaven wants us to be kind, gentle, patient and above all to cultivate our gifts.
The author is a 13-year-old pupil at Siavonga Boarding School in Siavonga.

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