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Readers react to free sanitary towels

Children’s Corner with PANIC CHILUFYA
ON WEDNESDAY October 2, Chembe Member of Parliament Sebastian Kopulande moved a private member’s motion to urge Government to provide adequate sanitary towels for girls in public schools.
Mr Kopulande explained that the high cost of sanitary wear is an obstacle to the education of girls. He said education improves the quality of human resources because it helps to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality and contributes to economic development of any nation.
Parliament supported the motion which when implemented will empower girls, especially those from rural areas and help to close the gender-gap in the attainment of education.
Below are some reactions to last week’s article:
Please kindly note we saw an article in the Daily Mail regarding the lack of sanitary pads in Zambian public schools.
It is part of the Scott and Bennett Limited corporate social responsibility to help reduce the number of girls who miss school due to menstruation.
We have previously worked with the Ministry of General Education, Faweza and other NGOs in our fight against this cause. We have donated thousands of packs of Zambia’s first manufactured sanitary pad towards this goal.
To see more about Femcare, please visit our Facebook page Femcarezambia.
Kind regards
Ahmed Vally
Sally M, a teacher from one of the schools in the rural areas had this to say:
We have seen sanitary wear being given out, but unfortunately this help does not reach schools in remote areas. Let us hope that following the passing of the motion in Parliament, every girl will be catered for equally, especially those who are most vulnerable.
Dear Mrs Chilufya
Thank you for your article that was published in the Zambia Daily Mail last week. The decision by Government to provide sanitary wear in public schools is most welcome. But Government should endeavour to provide water and toilet facilities for girls to clean up in case they mess themselves while at school because some of them come from very far. I believe sanitary wear and adequate sanitary facilities go hand-in-hand if girls are to be empowered.
Ms B. Mwale
Remember, children are our future, until next week, take care.
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