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Reactions: Parents should show exemplary behaviour

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
PARENTS are expected to be exemplary to their children, was my topic last week. A child found herself in the middle of her parents’ differences with neither of them ready to take responsibility of the child. Seemingly rejected by both parents, the child did not know which parent was going to offer her parental love and guidance. I received some reactions to the topic and below are some:
Dear Doris,

I READ your article last week. I grew up in a home where my parents were always fighting. I did not know what it meant to grow up in a home filled with love. As a teenager, I swore that I would never subject my children to the misery I went through.

I choose a life that would offer my family an environment of love. I do have differences with my wife, sometimes, but my principle is never to argue in front of our children. I do not want them growing up thinking it is normal for parents to settle disputes with quarrels.
Unfortunately, my brother and the wife are running their home the same way we grew up. I have spoken to him but that is the life he knows from childhood. He thinks it is normal.
In conclusion, parents must not take lightly the impact they have on their children. Some may choose to take a different turn like I did while others take the same route, forgetting the pain their parents put them through.
Please keep up the good work.
Hello madam Kasote,
Your write-ups are very educative. I always look forward to Wednesday.
Dear Doris,
Parents indeed are supposed to be exemplary to their children by the manner in which they carry themselves. It should not only be over arguments but their general conduct. If a father or a mother is a drunkard and always keeps late nights, the children will think it is normal.
I know single mothers who change boyfriends from time to time and allow their daughters to see such behaviour. The men are free in some of these women’s homes in full view of their daughters. How does such a woman expect to keep her daughter in check when she herself is not living an exemplary life? When the daughter begins to emulate such a mother, she has no one to blame but herself.
Same applies to the men. They should groom their sons in a decent manner for a son to be respectful and respected in society.
From the above feedback, parents should never underestimate the influence they have on their children, positive or negative. Children need to be loved and they will also express love to the world. If their environment is that of disputes, that is what the children will grow up knowing. Settling disputes in a peaceful manner will be far from their minds.
I value the feedback I receive.
Until next week, let’s keep in touch.

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