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Children’s Corner with PANIC CHILUFYA
DEAR aunty Chilufya, thank you for article in the Daily Mail on February 6, 2019 about the dos and don’ts of parenting young adults.
In your article, you said most young adults now prefer to live at home with their parents because they want the best of two worlds.
It is true that most young people even after graduating, still live at home not by choice but because of the circumstances we find ourselves in.
A lot of my friends and I are unable to easily find jobs, unless you are connected to someone with influence.
That is how we end up staying at home because we do not have the money to manage on our own.
Before graduating, most of us young people look forward to the time when we will be able to pay back by helping our parents and other relatives for everything they have done for us, but in this economic environment makes it impossible.
We look forward to a time when we can pay for the education of our siblings in order to help our parents after suffering for us, but we still cannot do so.
Being a dependant as an adult when we should be working is so frustrating, that is why those of us who live with our parents are seen to be very moody and difficult to control. We do not behave like that on purpose. We would also like to contribute financially to make life easy for our parents and other family members.
As for our friends who have managed to find jobs, they are either part-time or very poor paying. From what they get paid, the money is not enough to cover rentals and other expenses, especially that accommodation is quite expensive. The high rentals of three months and security deposit that landlords ask for is something most young adults, like us, cannot manage. To survive on the little money, most young people prefer to continue staying with their parents.
For example, because I have not been able to find a job three years after graduating, I cannot even start a business; it is also not easy because I lack the capital necessary for me to invest in a business of my choice.
Please know that for as long as we young people are not financially empowered and there are inadequate jobs to give us the independence we long for, more and more of us will continue staying with our parents. It is not by choice.
Dear Mrs Chilufya,
Your article of last week was on point. Most young people are not home because they want to, in fact, if it were possible, they would like to leave immediately they can, but they cannot afford to live on their own.
Since there are not enough white collar jobs for young people, parents must encourage their children to look at alternative ways of making ends meet like establishing small businesses. Those parents with financial means should partner with children to give them something to do and also instill some discipline, which is lacking among the majority of young adults.
With the tough economic environment the country is going through, it is time parents also started to look out of the box in their quest to empower young adults in other practical ways.
By definition, a young adult is generally a person ranging from late teens or early 20s to their 30s – although definitions and opinions may vary.
Remember, children are our future. Until next week, take care.
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