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Reactions: Do charms solve marital problems?

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
LAST week I wrote about the need for people, especially some women, not to be dependent on charms for their marriages to work. I posed a question on whether or not charms solve marital problems.

I received reactions and below are some of the comments from the readers.
I liked your article of 5th July, 2017 entitled do charms solve marital problems? The idea you brought out in this article is excellent of discarding the use of charms to resolve matters that could be resolved by character. Please bring more of such subjects in future so that women learn to trust themselves that they deserve to be in that marriage all by themselves and not with the help of charms!
Best Regards,
Blanco Chibeka, Lusaka.
Another reader wrote:
Dear Doris,
Your advice on charms should be wake up call for those women who believe in them. Women should learn to seek God as well as work on being better wives. Witch doctors are simply out to milk such women because they take advantage of their desperation.
With God, all you need to do is seek Him to intervene in whatever marital problem you may be going through.
Such women should also seek counsel from couples within the church who have been together for years. Such couples will advise on how to deal with a challenge you are faced with. Charms are not a problem solver.
All the best,
Joan Phiri, Lusaka.
From Kitwe
Elizabeth writes:
The rate at which some women believe in charms is worrying. I remember being in a salon where women were discussing the use of charms and which charms were the best to tame a man. The discussion stemmed from one of the women complaining that her ‘stupid’ husband is driving her crazy.
As I li s tened to the conversation, I was stunned to hear a woman refer to her husband as stupid in the presence of people she did not even know.
Instead of taming her mouth, she was busy talking about her personal problems in the marriage. To her, the answer lay in seeking charms.
Dear Doris,
People do not know that using charms is demonic. Those who do will keep going round in circles trying to seek answers. God Almighty can change situations.
Sometimes our upbringing also contributes where our parents inculcate in us to believe in some of these demonic activities. As a result, this continues until one is an adult to know what is right or wrong, however, some never grow out of the habit of using charms.
Chibuye from
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