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RDA must work on airport road

Dear editor,
I WISH to express my disappointment with the Road Development Agency (RDA) for neglecting the road leading to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, from the roundabout on the Great East Road.
The road is a gateway into Lusaka, in particular, and Zambia, at large, and should, therefore, be in its best state possible. It gives visitors to Zambia an insight into the country’s road infrastructure development.
In its current state, the road has patches between the roundabout at the police checkpoint, a stretch of about 4kms. Some of the patches are developing into potholes.
Question is: Where is RDA as the road slowly turns into a state of disrepair? When does RDA conduct routine checks and maintenance, especially on critical roads such as the one leading to the airport?
Having travelled to a few countries in Africa and beyond, it would not be an exaggeration to say that our road ranks among the worst.
Yet that is in total contraction of the massive road infrastructure programme that Government has put in place, with most roads having been upgraded to tarmac.
RDA should immediately move on site and repair the road before they embark on a major rehabilitation programme, which is in the offing.
Thank you.

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