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RDA constructs over 2,000km of roads under Link Zambia project

THE Road Development Agency (RDA) says it has constructed about 2,400km of roads of the projected 8,000km under the Link Zambia 8,000 project commissioned by late President Sata in 2012.
RDA senior public relations manager Loyce Saili said in Ndola at the just-ended Zambia International Trade Fair that approximately 2,400km of roads are at various stages of construction.
She said this is under phase one of the project.
“The Link Zambia 8,000 project was commissioned in 2012, and at the moment, approximately 2,400km of roads under phase one have been done and are at various stages of construction.
“This means that some of the roads have been completed to black-top [level], some are at paving layers of construction and others have just started,” Mrs Saili said.
She said initially, when the project was crafted, it was designed to last five to eight years, but could not say when the work will be completed because some roads are ahead of schedule and others are slightly behind the timetable.
Mrs Saili also stated that the Link Zambia 8,000 project is facing various challenges in certain parts of the country but contractors are doing their best to deliver as expected.
Some of the challenges include the need to source gravel and stones from far-away places.
“Of course like any other major project of this magnitude, there are always challenges and one of the challenges is the availability of construction material. As you know, some of the places like Western Province, there is no gravel.
“It has been difficult to source the right material for constructing some of the roads in certain areas. Generally the contractors are doing very well,” she said.

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