RB, Mumba reconciliation on track


THE MMD says party president Nevers Mumba is more than ready and willing to reconcile with former President Rupiah Banda.
MMD acting spokesperson Reuben Sambo said in a statement issued in Lusaka that Dr Mumba has in the past made efforts to iron out any differences that may still exist between him and Mr Banda.
“The meeting that was arranged by Bishop Joshua Banda of Northmead Assemblies of God between the two to take place on the evening of 24th February, 2016 at Mr Banda’s residence in New Kasama, collapsed suddenly at the last minute when Dr Mumba was already on the way to the proposed venue,” Reverend Sambo said.
He said the “complications” that have arisen in the past between Dr Mumba and Mr Banda to meet and resolve their differences clearly demonstrates that there may be other issues at play which need to be clarified.
Rev Sambo said the reconciliation between Dr Mumba and Mr Banda is the right thing to happen to the MMD leader as a Christian and should not be seen as dependence on third parties.
He said this was why Dr Mumba made an effort to walk over and embrace Mr Banda at the National Day of Prayer and Fasting on October 18, 2015 at the Show Grounds in Lusaka.
Rev Sambo said reconciliation is very important for Dr Mumba because his whole mission in the ‘Zambia Shall Be Saved’ crusade has been based on reconciliation of people with each other and with God.
He said Dr Mumba has said he will continue to engage Bishop Banda to ensure that a meeting between him and Mr Banda is arranged.
Rev Sambo said that this would come after a mutually agreed agenda and confirmed date and time is set to ensure the meeting takes place.

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