Letter to the Editor

RB can come back but….

Dear editor,
MANY political analysts have challenged former Republican President Rupiah Banda to state clearly why he wants to make a political comeback. Nevertheless, let him come back if he wants.
He has the right just like any other Zambian. But he should not be compelled to give any reason for coming back into politics because he has the right to contest any elections either at parliamentary or presidential level.
Albeit, it is his right to make a choice.
However, once he comes back into active politics, RB should not complain of foul play to the international community through his lawyer Robert Amsterdam because constitutionally, the Zambian Government will have no choice but to withdraw all his terminal benefits as a former Republican President, including his ex-presidential mansion which is currently under construction in Makeni.
Does he really want this to happen?
His opponents within MMD have painted him as old and irrelevant, but instead of ignoring the facts, he has played the old statesman card and has got stuck in defending his age and the 2011 electoral defeat.

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