Rate television programmes, ZNBC, MUVI urged

A CHILD Advocate has called on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and MUVI Television to enforce the rating system that shows age restrictions for programmes televised.
Fatima Chibamba, facilitator at the Latkings Outreach Program, a project sponsored by Save the Children has made the call.
“I have not come across a programme on ZNBC or MUVI which clearly states that age limit.  This needs to come to an end.  A guide should be given as to what age is suitable for what programmes televised on the respective television channels here in Zambia.
“Movies are a great form of family entertainment but not every movie is suitable for every member of the family including children, hence the need for our local television channels to enforce the rating systems,” Mr Chibamba said.
Speaking during the commemoration of the Universal Day of a child last week, Ms Chibamba said studies show that some programmes televised has an adverse effect on children and the way they think and act.
“We know that for the most part, children learn from both experience and social learning or role modeling from various programs televised, but certain programmes have a bad influence on the lives of the children,” she said.
Ms Chibamba said children are affected differently adding that some are psychologically affected by having less empathy, a characteristic seen in children that bully their friends.
Asked on what parents can do about it, Ms Chibamba said parents have a number of remedies at their disposal, one of them being their power to moderate their children’s TV viewing.
“Encourage your children to spend their free time in other ways other than TV watching, such as reading a good book during the week and watching TV only on the weekends; outdoor sports; arts and crafts; journal writing and playdates with peers can alter, and even break, the hypnotic TV habit,” she said.

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