Rapists jailed for life

THE Lusaka High Court has sentenced three men, including a taxi driver, to life imprisonment after finding them guilty of going on rampage raping and robbing people in Lusaka’s Kamwala South residential area.
Given Phiri, 24, a businessman of Chipata Overspill, Michael Mwanza, 27, of Kamwala South and Kingstone Moyo, 23, a taxi driver of Chipata Overspill were convicted of six counts of aggravated robbery and four counts of rape.
In the first to fifth counts Phiri, Mwanza and Moyo robbed six people of money and various items such as phones and automated teller machine (ATM) cards in Lusaka on May 23, 2015 while armed with pistols.
They threatened to use violence or used actual violence to prevent the victims from resisting.
In the sixth to 10th counts Phiri, Mwanza and Moyo raped four women during the robberies in July 2015.
In one of the raids they attacked a couple, beat up the husband and placed him in the boot of their car and later drove to a secluded place where they raped his wife.
In another incident Phiri, Mwanza and Moyo attacked some people and stole phones, ATM cards and alcohol and used violence.
When the case came up for judgment before Mr Justice Chalwe Mchenga, he found the three guilty of aggravated robbery and rape.
Mr Justice Mchenga noted that the offences the three robbers committed are serious, especially that they used violence.
He said Phiri, Mwanza and Moyo attacked several people and robbed them of their money, cell phones and other items and that he was exercising leniency by sentencing them to life in prison instead of death.

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