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Raping of 112-year-old woman sad

Dear editor,
THE story on the front page of the Zambia Daily Mail newspaper dated Tuesday December 19, 2017 headlined: 112-year old woman raped, made sad reading.

In the story, police in Kazungula are reported to have arrested a 20-year-old man, who is alleged to have raped a 112-year-old woman.
The bizarre incident is reported to have occurred around 03:00 hours at the victim’s home.
It is sad that some people no longer uphold morals by indulging in some vices such as the recent incident.
How could a person in his right frame of mind do such an abominable act of having carnal knowledge of a defenceless woman thereby inflicting excruciating pain on her private parts.
She is currently admitted to hospital receiving treatment.
It is good that our men and women in uniform, the police officers acted swiftly by arresting the culprit so that he can face the wrath of the law. Justice has to prevail.
Rape is a sexual offence and it is criminalised in Zambia and it is punishable by law upon conviction of the perpetrator.
According to the Penal Code Act Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia Section 133,”Any person who commits the offence of rape is liable to imprisonment for life.”
In conclusion, let me mention that perpetrators of sexual offences such bestiality, defilement, incest, rape and sodomy should be slapped with stiff punishment. Ultimately, this will deter the would-be offenders.

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