Raped girl given K2 for cafemol

THE Chingola Magistrate’s Court has convicted and committed a butchery assistant to the High Court for raping a 17-year-old maid when a work-mate sent him home to deliver medicine for a sick baby.
Magistrate Shadreck Chanda made the ruling on Monday against Hendrix Chambale of Kalungwisha Road in Chiwempala, Chingola, who was facing one count of rape.
During trial, the girl told the court that she was on duty on December 2 last year nursing a sick child when her supervisor sent her work-mate to deliver some medicines for the baby.
She said this was after she had called her to tell her that the condition of the sick child she had left had worsened.
The court heard that when Chambale delivered the medicine, he told the maid that he wanted to check on the condition of the baby and she allowed him in the house.
The victim narrated that after a few minutes, the accused pinned her down and forced himself on her.
“When I was coming from outside, he pushed me and I fell down. He then pulled my skirt and pants and had sex with me. When I shouted for help, no-one heard me. When he finished, he dressed up and gave me a K2 to buy cafemol.
“Your Honour, I do not know why he told me to buy the medicine. But instead, I went to the shop and I bought talk-time which I used to call my boss and explained to her what had happened. She then came home and took me to the police station and we were issued with a medical form,” she narrated.
Chawama clinic medical doctor Alfred Katika told the court that when he examined the victim, he did not detect any bruises as a sign of violence on her private part.
Dr Katika said that the hymen was broken and there was normal discharge from the girl’s private part.
He also said that the victim’s hymen had not been recently broken.
“The cardinal issue is that rape is sex without consent of the other party. Indeed the hymen could have been broken a long time ago, but this does not really remove the offence being committed as long as consent was not there,” he said.
“In sexual offences, there are no spectators who could have been called to remove uncertainty to the identity of the perpetrator because these offences are committed in secret environments,” he said.

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