Letter to the Editor

Randy teachers should be arrested, dismissed

Dear editor,
TEACHING is a noble profession and, as such, teachers should be exemplary in their conduct.

Teachers are employed to teach pupils so that the latter can be prepared for a better future.
Let me comment on the randy teachers, who are mostly male.
One characteristic of these teachers is that they sexually molest schoolgirls, especially in boarding schools. Some teachers lure fe-male pupils into sexual intercourse. These sexual acts are normally done in secrecy. If truth be told, it is this one: the sexual molesta-tion of schoolgirls by their male teachers has been happening for a long time.
Such incidents are unprofessional, unethical, and unacceptable, and they have brought the teaching profession into disrepute.
Offenders should be dismissed, arrested and later slapped with a jail sentence as this would deter would-be offenders and help bring sanity to the teaching profession.
The few disgruntled teachers should not dent the good image of the profession.

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