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Raising children in today’s world

Children’s Corner with PANIC CHILUFYA
RAISING children today is a much more difficult undertaking than it was previously because of the various challenges that children are now confronted with.
They are exposed to mixed messages that are often not in line with the values their parents believe in.
Coupled with this, most parents have little time to spend with their children because of the long hours they work to make ends meet.
In spite of all these challenges, parents remain the best protection for their children as they transition into adulthood because of the privileged position parents hold; to instil positive values into their young ones.
Values are the beliefs that parents share about what is right or wrong with their children. Values serve as a moral compass in all situations.
Parents do not only impart values, they also help to mould the characters of children. A character is an observable virtue in a person’s behaviour. Some parents have the tendency of instilling values in their children which they do not abide by. For example, some parents insist that their children should always be honest in their dealings while the parents are always telling lies or half-truths in the home.
Such behaviours tend to confuse children; parents should always be mindful that they should ‘walk the talk’ all the time. Children are like sponges that soak in everything they observe and later imitate what they learn from the behaviour of the adults in their lives.
It is imperative for parents to practice what they preach and not the other way round; as the saying goes ‘do as I say and not as I do’, as this sends a wrong message, especially to those children in the developmental stage.
The Bible in Proverbs 22:6 says: ‘Train a child in the way he should go, even when he’s old, he will not depart from it.’ This underscores the importance of instilling good values and characters in children. Oftentimes, through peer pressure and other negative influences, children and young adults have been led astray, but because of the solid foundation, they are quickly able to realise their mistakes and make amends.
When children are exposed to a positive and healthy foundation as part of their development, they are likely to grow into confident and mature adults with the wisdom to make right choices even when faced with difficult decisions. Children with a solid foundation cannot be easily influenced because of having benefited from essential building blocks for a healthy, positive and progressive life.
There are no shortcuts to being a perfect parent, neither is there a parenting skills handbook; mastering the art of parenting takes a lot of time and practice, it does not happen overnight. In all this, children should be aware that in the eyes of their parents, they will always be numero uno – number one!
Remember, children are our future.
Until next week, take care and Happy Labour Day.
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