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Rainy season: Nightmare for Kwamwena residents

Dear editor,
WHILE we are supposed to celebrate the onset of the rainy season considering the low water levels at Kariba dam which has led to a critical power deficit, our hearts as Kwamwena residents are also aggrieved because of the poor roads.
These roads are a nightmare to both motorists and pedestrians during the rainy season. While motorists have to meander through the residential area to find passable paths, pedestrians have to put up with the mess of passing through muddy roads.
During the rainy season it is common to find cars stuck in the muddy roads and adults soiled with murky water.
For a residential area with such beautiful housing structures, it is a pity that there are no proper roads.
I urge the member of Parliament, Honourable Japhen Mwakalombe, to see how he can help on a short-term basis to work on the roads for them to be usable during this rainy season and in the long term to have them tarred.
For the past few years, residents have been contributing money to have roads at least graded. But with the hard economic situation, not everyone can afford to make those contributions.
It is therefore my sincere appeal to our area MP to help source for funds to have the roads graded before the rains intensify.
Kwamwena, Chamba Valley Meanwood

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