Rains, fierce winds blow off school roof

THE roof of the only classroom block at Lumbu Primary School in Chembe constituency in Chembe district has been blown off by rains.
Chembe Constituency member of Parliament (MP) Sebastian Kopulande said in an interview yesterday that heavy rains and fierce winds blew off the roof.
He said he is working with the Chembe District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) to ensure that the classroom is roofed again in readiness for the opening of schools next month.
And Mr Kopulande has commended Minister of Finance Felix Mutati for announcing the free distribution of sanitary towels to rural and poor girls in his budget address to Parliament.
“The MP said the phenomenon that girls drop out of school because of early marriages is misleading. The predominant reason for high dropouts in Chembe constituency among girls is poor sanitary conditions in most schools,” he said.
Coupled with high poverty levels in the area of about 70 percent, the girls cannot afford costly sanitary pads during menstruation, forcing them to stay away from school for fear of embarrassment.
He said the move by Government to start distributing free sanitary pads should be commended as it will keep girl learners in school.

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