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WYNTER Kabimba addressing a party event

Rainbow Party displays socialism

WITH about six years of existence on the Zambian political scene, the Rainbow Party believes that a country’s economy can only develop if it is owned by citizens through Government’s comprehensive and empowerment policies.
Under the leadership of Wynter Kabimba, the Rainbow Party feels that no country in the world has ever developed to the exclusion of the participation of its citizens.
Established in December 2014, the party bases its ideology on Socialism. Its leader, Mr Kabimba, is no stranger to politics.
A lawyer by profession, he served as secretary general of the Patriotic Front (PF) as well as chairman of the Local Government Committee of the party’s Central Committee.
A former minister of Justice, Mr Kabimba resigned from the PF in November 2014.
“The ideology of the party is essentially socialist. It is an ideology which is pro-poor and one which ensures that the catalysts for the development of the country must be the citizens. That is where development policies have gone wrong. Because when you listen to many political parties, there is great emphasis on foreign direct investments (FDIs) as a bedrock for the development of our nation,” Mr Kabimba says.
But the Rainbow Party has taken a different view. According to Mr Kabimba, though FDI is important, it is not the primary driver of development.
He says the primary driver of any nation’s development rests with the citizens. FDI is the secondary factor for development.
Four core programmes for economic development
The Rainbow Party has identified four core programmes which it will focus on to drive the economy.
Mr Kabimba says the programmes, which are correlated, are lined in order of priority: education, health, agriculture, and local government and CLICK TO READ MORE